Flooding and mud slides in Brazil

Floods in Brazil had caused 536 deaths in 5 cities (Itaipava, Friburgo, Teresopolis, Sumidouro, Petropolis and Sao Jose do Vale do Rio Preto). This is the worst tragedy since 1967, where 436 deaths were registered in Caraguatatuba. Every year summer rains causes problems especially in Sao Paulo and mountains region of Rio de Janeiro. Nowadays the tragedy it’s getting bigger dimensions. The Army and National Safety Force had send help to rescue victims but the access to these regions it is not so easy due to the interruption of traffic (some routes and bridges were destroyed) and the electricity it’s not available. More than 2.500 people cannot go back their homes due to the risk of landslide. Episodes of pillage had happened in Teresopolis.
The local authorities had send around 26 gravediggers, 9 helicopters, 30 cars, trucks, 650 men, and electricity sources to these regions. Two provisory emergency hospitals with mobile CT scanner are working in tends to assist the victims and identify the cases that need critical care. Critical cases must be sent to bigger hospitals in Teresopolis. At Nova Friburgo’s provisory emergency care we have 6 doctors, 11 assistants, 4 nurses. At Teresopolis’s provisory emergency care we have 10 doctors, 4 assistants and 2 nurses.
Helicopters have being used to access isolated regions, rescue victims and to identify areas at risk of landslide to evacuate them. Special equipments, gravediggers and trucks were sent to remove barriers and allow that the rescue team can arrive at the affected areas. The strategy it is to rescue victims and avoid that inhabitants could stay in danger areas.
At the first moment the main health problems are traumatic lesions, submersion, exposure to electric current, contact with venomous animals and tetanus. After the rain it is expected some typical diseases like diarrhoeas, viral hepatitis, leptospirosis, typhoid fever and also a increasing of dengue incidence.
Generally immunization it is offered in these occasions and special recommendations related to water and food contamination is done, but the main problem stays as a challenge to public intervention.
Most of affected people were those living in places in risk of landslide, and generally they are in deprived situations.
I have been living in Rio de Janeiro for so many years that we can always expect this kind of problems every summer. It is always the same: the rain, the landslides, deaths, traumas, hepatitis, leptospirosis, diarrhoeas and thousands of people losing their homes.
Interventions linked to urbanism must take place if we want to avoid new catastrophic episodes like this. Dilma, the new president, had told today that urbanism must be a priority. I hope we will really try to change this “natural history of summer rain destruction in southwest of Brazil”.

2011/1/14 Sabreena Malik
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Dear Dr Andrade

On behalf of the doc2doc team I would like to express our grave concern for the recent flooding and mud slides in south-east Brazil and hope you and your family are all safe and not badly affected.

If your situation allows it, we would love for you to write a blog about the floods for us . Ideally, the blog would be a personal account detailing how the floods are affecting doctors and healthcare provision as well as patients and flood victims.

Here is a link to our FAQs about posting blogs on doc2doc: http://doc2doc.bmj.com/faq.html#section5-3

Please do let me know if you are interested in blogging about this for us and I will upgrade your account to a blogging account.

With very best wishes

Dr Sabreena Malik
Clinical community editor, BMJ Group

BMA House


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